Mariah Yeater: “I Believe That Justin Bieber Is The Father Of My Baby” [PHOTOS]

Paternity allegations are such a drag, especially when you’re promoting an album about the spirit of Christmas and giving.  Such is life for Justin Bieber, 17, who is battling rumors that he fathered a child with backstage-30-second-wonder Mariah Yeater.

The San Diego resident, 20, filed court documents on Halloween stating that after an October 25th concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles, a security guard offered to bring Yeater backstage to meet Bieber.

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According to the New York Post, Yeater recalled a mutual attraction and Bieber insisted they go somewhere private together.  That’s when the 30 seconds of magic happened.“I asked him to put on a condom for protection, but he insisted that he did not want to. In his own words, he said that because it was his first time he wanted to feel everything, ” Yeater stated.

Bieber “then quickly took off my clothes and we had sex . . . At the time I was on top of some sort of shelf,” Yeater said. “The sexual intercourse was brief, lasting only approximately 30 seconds . . . He was clearly embarrassed about how the sex did not last very long.”

Yeater recently posted pictures of her tattoos, because that’s what you do when Bieber gets you down.