Mariah Carey Took Her Boobs To The Empire State Building, Acted Out An Awkward ‘Mean Girls’ Scene With Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey And Santa
Mariah Carey busts out with Santa!
Does anyone else appreciate the fact that Mariah Carey is trying to take over Valentine’s Day. I mean, she basically owns Christmas with “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, so why shouldn’t she try to do the same with V-Day?

The songstress has been on the promotional trail the past few days, trying to get folks obsessed with her new song “You’re Mine“. And today’s trip included Mariah and her boobs showing up at the Empire State Building.

But honestly, that’s not even the best thing she did all week. 

Prepare to watch the awkwardness and amazingness that is Mariah reenacting a scene from her favorite movie Mean Girls with husband, Nick Cannon. It’s so bad. But so good. The best part isn’t even the acting (obviously), it’s Mariah yelling at Nick for how much he is ruining her moment.

Make sure to check out the video below and don’t forget to launch the gallery for some Mariah boob time. Think she’ll win Valentine’s Day? Sound off in the comments!