Mariah Carey Hangs Out On A Haystack & It Looks Silly

Mariah Carey And Santa
Mariah Carey busts out with Santa!
You having fun on that haystack there, Mariah Carey?

The divalicious singer was spotted lounging on some hay while pre-recording part of the performance for her Macy’s July 4th Spectacular.

So, she’s saying that hay is American? Not really sure I get the whole reason behind that, other than the fact that you can find hay in America? Guys, I just can’t with Mariah. Also, why is she laying down but her duet partner Miguel has to creepily walk around her? 

I mean, I guess if that’s the type of thing they’re going for. And is anybody else really amused by Mariah’s outfit? Personally, I think she should have worn her Disney wedding dressand hung out on a haystack. Seems much more Mariah.

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