Mariah Carey Films Latest ‘American Idol’ While Nick Cannon Reveals Creepy Love-Making Secrets [PHOTOS]

Nick & Mariah With Twins
The Two Love Birds Enjoy Time With Their Little Ones
42-year-old mother of two Mariah Carey has managed to work off some serious baby weight and good for her! But it seems like Mariah has a full plate between two babies and a thriving career. Girl is looking tired to the max! Get this lady to the spa and put some cucumbers on those eyes! Recently, Mariah performed alongside Santa and then she stopped by to visit Jimmy Fallon. Seen here, Mariah Carey arrives to the Los Angeles set of American Idol ahead of filming on December 12th. Carey made sure to have her makeup freshened before heading into the studio.

Meanwhile, 31-year-old Nick Cannon is dishing the dirty on their married love making. According to DailyNews, Nick described the couple’s habit of listening to Mariah Carey hits while they’re getting it on. Too much information bro. What’s even more gross is Nick’s habit of pleasuring himself to her top hits while wife Mariah is away on tour. While this is somewhat sweet and flattering, it adds even more ick to the already massive ego that Carey oozes to the public.