Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Takes Moroccan And Monroe Home In Style

Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon were spotted taking their twins, Moroccan and Monroe home from UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica Saturday.  The family of four drove off in a Rolls Royce after two weeks in the hospital, with the tots tucked safely in back and covered in pink and blue blankets.

Carey, 42, tweeted all weekend about her first days at home with her twins.  “#Dembabies aka Roc+Roe are sleeping peacefully: )I just finished singing 2 them(softly!) Feeling so blessed. LYM : )x0x0,” she posted on her Twitter account Saturday.

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Cannon is a bit more nervous about becoming a first-time parent.  On his radio show today, Cannon confessed, “This is the kind of stuff that is making me go crazy when you have two new babies.   I cannot relax. I am OCD-ing. They don’t tell you this part about being a new parent.”

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Mom and dad had a small run-in with Child Protective Services.  According to the Daily Mail, CPS was called to the hospital when someone reported that drugs and alcohol were being used near the babies.  This was all a misunderstanding, according to Cannon.

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He explained to Piers Morgan that a nurse recommended Carey drink Guinness to help produce yeast for breast-feeding: “It all started where a nurse suggested to my wife that if you drink Guinness or a small amount of Guinness, the dark beer, that the yeast improves breastfeeding.  Then they were saying that my wife was drinking beer and all that stuff. It’s like people would do anything to conjure up a story.”