Maria Menounos Sports A Greek Bikini As She Vacations In Mykonos

Maria & Derek
Maria Menounos hits the beach with Derek Hough.
Leave it to Maria Menounos to wear a campy swimsuit and get away with it.

The TV personality was spotted in Mykonos, Greece earlier today sporting a Greek-flag bikini and looking perfect. Seriously, her body is too amazing. Well, I guess you have to keep it perfect when you’re often wearing one on TV.

Maria looked to really enjoy her vacation as she froliced in the water and made out with her boyfriend. Have you seen her boyfriend, Keven Undergaro? They’ve been together since 2011. 

For some reason I always thought that she and Derek Hough were a thing. I guess I was just making that up. But she and Keven look happy together. Wouldn’t you be happy if your girlfriend had a body like Maria?

Launch the gallery to check out all the best bikini shots. Now I just want to go buy flag swimsuits. Not that I would ever wear it, but just for posterity’s sake.