Maria Menounos Shows Off Her Perfectly Fit Bikini Bod In Mexico

Maria & Derek
Maria Menounos hits the beach with Derek Hough.
You would think since it’s winter I would be free from staring at perfect bikini bodies. Clearly this is not the case.

So far this week we’ve seen Charlize Theron and Katie Holmes, and you can now add Maria Menounos to the list. The Extra host was spotted in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico yesterday enjoying the warm weather.

Here’s what I like about Maria: She’s thin, yes. But she’s not “oh my god, give that girl a sandwich” thin. She looks like a “hey, I could do that” thin

Maybe it’s all part of her plan to become the every woman we all seem to gravitate to. Also, whenever I spell her name I pronounce it Me-noun-os, that way I spell it right. But now, that’s just how I say her name. Like I mentioned her The Mindy Project episode to someone and they’re like, “Who’s that?” So be careful with how you pronounce things.

But for now, launch the gallery and appreciate all the photos of Maria’s bikini bod. Maybe if we all start having holiday dance wars against the Hough family we’ll look like her, too.