Maria Menounos Shows Off Her Bikini Body, Got Flirty With Tim Tebow This Weekend [PHOTOS]

Shirtless Tim Tebow!!!
30 pics of Tebow without his shirt on.
I feel for Maria Menounos.  The Medford, Massachusetts native was so confident that the New England Patriots would win Super Bowl XVLI that she made a dangerous bet with Extra correspondent AJ Calloway.  Should the New York Giants prevail, Menounos would wear a bikini bearing their colors.  Should the Pats take home the trophy, Calloway would have to sport a Patriots cheerleader uniform in New York City’s Times Square.

True to her word, Menounos showed up in Times Square today (February 6th) in full regalia to take her lumps.  Although Rosie O’Donnell didn’t think this was much of a punishment for the host.  “I would make her eat an entire Sara Lee cheesecake and a half-pint of Ben and Jerry’s, and then a Big Mac at McDonald’s,” O’Donnell said.  “That terrifies her much more than a bikini.”

On Friday night at ESPN The Magazine’s party in Indianapolis, Menounos was seen flirting with Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow. The New York Post reports that the virginal cutie “only had eyes” for the gal and spent over an hour chatting with her.