Marey Carey Set To Ruin Another Film

February 28th, 2006 // 12 Comments

Not that Glitter would have been a masterpiece without Ms. Carey, but you get our point. Mariah Carey is returning to acting. Brace yourselves.

The songbird, 35, is set to star in an independently produced drama titled Tennessee, to be shot in New Mexico and Tennessee this spring, reports Variety.

“I never saw Glitter, but I liked her work in the other film,” says Tennessee (and Monster’s Ball) producer Lee Daniels, referring to Carey’s 2002 movie WiseGirls.

Daniels also tells the trade paper that he was swayed to cast Carey after watching her video for the Grammy-winning “The Emancipation of Mimi.”

In Tennessee, Carey plays a waitress who journeys with her two brothers to find their estranged father – and get him to help save their younger brother, who has leukemia.

“Because this character is interracial and struggles with all sorts of issues because of that, I thought she was perfect,” says Daniels.

Mmm. So because Mariah is of mixed-race she’d be perfect for the part. It seems like someone wanted a “name” for his film, because I’m sure there are many more qualified actresses who could draw from that same experience.

Mariah Carey Preps Return to Movie Screen [People]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    She has actually done another film with Mira Sorvino and it was pretty good. It was a HBO film and she played a waittress. She wasn’t bad at all and she even got good reviews for it. I think on Glitter she was just nervous and it was her first time and of course the script sucked. Maybe she will do better this time.

  2. doofus

    miu, fire your intern.

    mary cary is a PORN STAR that ran for gov of california.

  3. Candice

    I agree with Tia. Wisegirls was a good movie. Good luck to MC…cause she is going to need it.

  4. PleaseThink

    this was the film that Janet was suppose to do but ultimately is not. For Janet not to take the film something must be wrong with the script or something so Mariah may be getting herself into another mess. She should just wait until the right script comes along and take some film that is just after a big name to help promote it.

  5. The porn star’s name is Mary Carey, you nitwit.

    Add me to the list of people that thought Mariah was good in WiseGirls as well. I just hope she doesn’t return to the acting that killed Glitter, however.

  6. Oh, and PleaseThink, the movie’s being produced by the guy that produced Monster’s Ball. The movie can’t possibly be that bad.

    Also, when Janet was attached to the film, preproduction stopped on the movie and after preproduction stopped with Janet still attached to the film, I assume she left. Other than Janet’s weight gain and her impending album, I don’t see why the movie wouldn’t have pursued Janet again.

  7. Mariah's therapist

    Does the role also call for Mariah’s character to suffer from “exhaustion” (aka nervous breakdown) and too tight a wardrobe?

  8. I like her, but for some reason I see her movie career going the way of Madonna’s.

    Are they just too big in their “original” talent fields that their hugely recognizable faces and names overshadow any legitimate attempts at acting?

  9. ThrillKill

    I think the movie is subtitled “Glisten”, as in what the caked fried chicken grease around her mouth and fingertips does. Oh, and the light off of all the cellulite on her legs.

  10. whoop

    Someone strap Lee Daniels into a lazyboy and MAKE him watch “Glitter” before he commits a henious crime…

  11. Silasdog

    Well, she’ll never drown with those water wings.

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