Marey Carey Set To Ruin Another Film

Not that Glitter would have been a masterpiece without Ms. Carey, but you get our point. Mariah Carey is returning to acting. Brace yourselves.

The songbird, 35, is set to star in an independently produced drama titled Tennessee, to be shot in New Mexico and Tennessee this spring, reports Variety.

“I never saw Glitter, but I liked her work in the other film,” says Tennessee (and Monster’s Ball) producer Lee Daniels, referring to Carey’s 2002 movie WiseGirls.

Daniels also tells the trade paper that he was swayed to cast Carey after watching her video for the Grammy-winning “The Emancipation of Mimi.”

In Tennessee, Carey plays a waitress who journeys with her two brothers to find their estranged father – and get him to help save their younger brother, who has leukemia.

“Because this character is interracial and struggles with all sorts of issues because of that, I thought she was perfect,” says Daniels.

Mmm. So because Mariah is of mixed-race she’d be perfect for the part. It seems like someone wanted a “name” for his film, because I’m sure there are many more qualified actresses who could draw from that same experience.

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