Marc Moves to A Palace Across the Pond

February 19th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Marc Jacobs is shedding his kid-like pants for some royal robes. In a manner of speaking, anyway. He and his collection’s traditional spirt of “funky kids brand” have had a change of heart. Once dressing the likes of Lindsay Lohan and targeting tabloid princesses, Marc has moved on.

Young Hollywood starlets are still his ideal audience. But instead of the rich and trashy, his front row now includes Gabriella Windsor who is a future princess and Selma Blair. The daughter of the royal blood of Kent has taken a liking to the style.

His London store opened its doors in Mayfair. The district was at one time an upscale aristocratic area that has been taken by Russian tastes. Marble fireplaces in the store are complimented by classic crystal and china. The modern take on a shopping palace has hit at the heart strings of young royals. It all creates a new reign of style when it comes to Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Must be lovely being a Queen.

By Cara Harrington

  1. sandy

    He needs to visit Dr. 90210 and get some of that huge nose shaved off. Ugh…

  2. Elaine

    Sandy, I’m with you. He does have quite a honker, but you have to admit, he’s become 100 times better looking since he chopped that hair off.

  3. ForYouMarc

    Marc you seem to be changing a great deal…

    You have a new Man with some CLASS now…what is
    his name “RONNY.” Good for you Marc after all
    these years you deserve the BEST because you are
    the very BEST.

    Thanks for all your designs you created for Louie
    Vuitton and for Marc Jacobs fashions as well.
    What would we women do without you Marc in this world. If we can’t have you then we pick RONNY!!!

    I say this to you on behalf of all the women in this world who appreciate you and Congratulate you on your new Mate…Stay far away from that other guy…don’t be dragged down with him.

    Your personal image is important and we are all for you and Ronny now.

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