Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Collection Brings Life to NY Fashion Week

Beige seems to be the dominate hue in so many other collections this upcoming Spring season, so it was a breath of fresh air to see such a prolific use of color in the Marc Jacobs runway for Spring 2011. The only time beige even made an appearance, it was partnered with metallics, which added both texture and pizazz. A broad range of warm yet bright colors were used both in combination with each other and in contrast with either deeper tones or complimentary colors. As the collection progressed from one piece to the next, it was like a glowing sunset shifting between shades of pink, red, violet, and orange. Many of the designs, along with the hair and make-up, gave off a modernized “old Hollywood glamor” ambiance.

In the Marc Jacobs collection, oversized fabric flowers were used on the clothing, on accessories, and placed in models’ hair. This detail alone automatically reminded me of the designer himself. Marc Jacobs’ perfumes, Daisy and Lola, are both designed with huge flowers placed on top the perfume bottles, echoing the fabric flowers used in this Spring 2011 collection. Another aspect of the collection that truly sets it apart from others, is the diversity of styles from one look to the next. Numerous runway shows force a feeling of deja vu upon viewers due to how similar, borderline identical, one look is to the next. Marc Jacobs manages to create every article, style, and cut of clothing in one show distinct yet makes sure it meshes together as a uniform collection.

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I love this collection, and I bet there will be herds of celebs showing up in the dresses from this runway show. Sarah Jessica Parker
(after doing some hemming) would look adorable in just about every
piece. The aesthetic of this collection definitely channels some Carrie
Bradshaw. I think Nicole Kidman and Diane Kruger
would both look gorgeous in these designs, and many of the long dresses
would enhance their statuesque figures. One last thing I can hope for
is that Angelina Jolie,
or her stylist, will wake up one day and realize there are clothing
choices beyond black. I’m tired of her being boring and predictable. She
needs to retire the black column dresses and show the world she’s still
got some kick in her step. Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 collection could be
the key to putting color in her wardrobe. …but one can only wish.