Marc Jacobs Is Engaged And Shopping For A House

Today Marc Jacobs and his now-fiance Lorenzo Martone
will proudly arrive in Brazil together wearing their brand new
rings.  The couple, who have been dating a year, are in Martone’s native Sao
Paolo to celebrate the opening of a local Marc Jacobs store.  And, I imagine, an engagement fete to boot. 

The popular designer
and hunky ad executive have yet to pick a wedding date, but they’re already
getting some of the other arrangements in order.  Namely: a pricey

According to an insider, Jacobs is splashing down for a $13 million West Village townhouse designed by famed architect Rombert A.M
The 4,500 square-foot home includes a private garden, a roof terrace,
and a jacuzzi with a giant slide reached from their bedroom.  Okay, I
made up that last part.  But wouldn’t it be the coolest?