Marc Jacobs Is Engaged And Shopping For A House

March 19th, 2009 // 6 Comments

Today Marc Jacobs and his now-fiance Lorenzo Martone
will proudly arrive in Brazil together wearing their brand new
rings.  The couple, who have been dating a year, are in Martone’s native Sao
Paolo to celebrate the opening of a local Marc Jacobs store.  And, I imagine, an engagement fete to boot. 

The popular designer
and hunky ad executive have yet to pick a wedding date, but they’re already
getting some of the other arrangements in order.  Namely: a pricey

According to an insider, Jacobs is splashing down for a $13 million West Village townhouse designed by famed architect Rombert A.M
The 4,500 square-foot home includes a private garden, a roof terrace,
and a jacuzzi with a giant slide reached from their bedroom.  Okay, I
made up that last part.  But wouldn’t it be the coolest?

By Laura Bulchis

  1. Krystleblah

    NGL, they look more like twinsies

  2. Dee Cee

    Ugh.. something smells like ..ugh

  3. lulu

    They could pass for brothers…

  4. klg

    Is that supposed to be “architect Robert AM Stern”?

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