I Thought Marc Jacobs Was Supposed To Be Sober Now…

Marc Jacobs hit LA with his new piece, and drama ensued. Here he is with his new girl, Austin A. What the hell is everyone wearing? Are those….cartoon characters on his arm? I get him as a Simpsons character. I assume he was on The Simpsons? But, Sponge Bob? Tina can make you do some f*cked-up things!

Marc hit Foxtail Lounge last Thursday with Austin, but started making out with some other guy in front of him.

“Marc showed up at Foxtail with Austin and another guy who looked just like his ex, Jason Preston, with tattoos and a cut-off shirt,” says a source. “Marc was dressed in a tank top and black sweat pants. He looked like a mess. He was kissing both of the guys, bouncing back and forth between them and acting loony.”

Meth drama! Marc and Austin A fought at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Saturday, in front of a bunch of guests. Marc jumped in his crystalmobile and sped off to go meet “Lindsay Lohan at Teddy’s” and left his ass there. Well, yeah, Lohan knows where to get the best shit!

It didn’t matter, these two ended up furiously texting each other afterwards and Marc came back and got him. I’m sure they found somewhere nice and quiet to hoop some tina eventually. Don’t ask.

I know I ALWAYS mention this when I write about him but I’m still waiting for an XL version of that damn Blondie shirt. Until then, he is dead to me. Body fascist bastard!

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN