I Thought Marc Jacobs Was Supposed To Be Sober Now…

March 26th, 2008 // 12 Comments

Marc Jacobs hit LA with his new piece, and drama ensued. Here he is with his new girl, Austin A. What the hell is everyone wearing? Are those….cartoon characters on his arm? I get him as a Simpsons character. I assume he was on The Simpsons? But, Sponge Bob? Tina can make you do some f*cked-up things!

Marc hit Foxtail Lounge last Thursday with Austin, but started making out with some other guy in front of him.

“Marc showed up at Foxtail with Austin and another guy who looked just like his ex, Jason Preston, with tattoos and a cut-off shirt,” says a source. “Marc was dressed in a tank top and black sweat pants. He looked like a mess. He was kissing both of the guys, bouncing back and forth between them and acting loony.”

Meth drama! Marc and Austin A fought at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Saturday, in front of a bunch of guests. Marc jumped in his crystalmobile and sped off to go meet “Lindsay Lohan at Teddy’s” and left his ass there. Well, yeah, Lohan knows where to get the best shit!

It didn’t matter, these two ended up furiously texting each other afterwards and Marc came back and got him. I’m sure they found somewhere nice and quiet to hoop some tina eventually. Don’t ask.

I know I ALWAYS mention this when I write about him but I’m still waiting for an XL version of that damn Blondie shirt. Until then, he is dead to me. Body fascist bastard!

Photos: WENN

11 more photos of Marc Jacobs with his new boyfriend Austin A. after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. Queen Caffeine

    He looks a hot mess.

  2. Arnie

    That is just sad…can’t he at least dress with-in two DECADES of his age?

  3. MJ

    They were selling the blondie t shirt at the Marc Jacobs store in Bal Harbor Florida for $5… at that price you can buy a bunch and make what ever you want out of it… that’s what I did!

  4. Sasha

    No one finds it the least bit disturbing that people ecspecially the triad of plastic faced uppper middle class sware they are wealthy blonde gaggle to the right.

    MArc is fresh and hot and should be treated as such.

  5. Loob

    Sasha said: “No one finds it the least bit disturbing that people ecspecially the triad of plastic faced uppper middle class sware they are wealthy blonde gaggle to the right.”

    Sasha, could you say that again but differently please? I stared at that sentence and then stared again, and I have NO idea what you said.

  6. zeke

    He’s a douche bag. So isn’t his partner Robert Duffy. They both hire 17-19 y/o boys to run their stores. That way they have a fresh supply of boys to f#ck and fire. There has been so many out of court settlements because of the 2 owners antics. Robert has a 21 y/o kid that was a part time stock boy running his ENTIRE company. He kisses his a$$. They have about another 5 minutse before they implode.

  7. Zekers

    Voice of experience zeke?

  8. MarkusMN

    Another Tina mess what a shock! But what bothers me more are those women in the background and really most of the people in the background with there twisted stares!

  9. RS

    his boys are hot! *need to put tattoo removal on my to do list.

    funny thing is, looks like that blonde girl with the horrified face is carrying an LV bag. haha! marc should slap her with it.

  10. rjp3

    first off fashion choices aside — NOBODY should for a second believe LA is a cool town. It is NOT. Look at the looks of disgust on the those plastic rich blond bimbo whores and the kid working valet.

    Good for Marc and his hot date for kissing it up – America is a third rate country of Straight Supremists. Just look at their faces at the sight of two men kissing. Those people are the real disgusting human beings.

  11. Mhm

    Um. Nobody was wearing a cutoff shirt. And Marc wasn’t wearing black sweatpants.

  12. Juanita

    The first thing I noticed were the looks they were getting, which basically shows how well gays are received in our society.

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