Marc Anthony Buys Condo In Miami To Kick Off Football Season

Football enthusiast Marc Anthony is such a fan about the Florida city of Miami that he’s told People magazine of his most recent purchase.

At the Miami Dolphins game on Monday against the Indianapolis Colts at the Landshark Stadium in Miami, the Latin crooner exclaimed, “I bought a condo today in Miami. When we are through decorating the condo, it will be the sexiest place in town!”

This real estate investment comes after Anthony proudly revealed that he had become a minority partner in the NFL’s Miami Dolphins.

As for making his new home just minutes from South Beach the “sexiest place in town,” he’s definitely presented himself with quite a task. Lucky for him, wife Jennifer Lopez, is up for the challenge.

Gallery Info: Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Dan Marino, Emilio Estefan and Gloria Estefan at the Miami Dolphins’ season opener against the Indianapolis Colts at Land Shark Stadium.