Marc Jacobs Shoots Elle Fanning And Helena Bonham Carter For His Fall Campaigns [PHOTOS]

Elle Fanning and Helena Bonham Carter are featured in Marc Jacobs’ fall ad campaigns (Fanning poses for Jacobs Marc by Marc line), two very fitting choices for the genius designer.  Of being selected, Bonham Carter told Elle Magazine,

I’ve never met Marc, but I’ve always admired his clothes. And he just said, “Would I be interested?” Also just go with it and wear whatever I wanted, if I wanted to wear shoes that were different colors. In fact there were strict instructions, “Please make sure she wears shoes that were different colors.” It came out like that. I find that it’s all play. That was what was so fun. Suddenly I found I was pretending to be a dog on the floor, snarling at Juergen [Teller], then I was Judy Garland in her latter days. We went through all different kinds of scenarios, but it was fun, it was really good fun.

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If you flip through the picture, you can’t imagine Jacobs selecting two better ladies to represent his lines.  Fanning has that doe-eyed, eccentric M by M look, while HBC’s kookiness and freak flag waving is captured magically in the photos.