Marc Jacobs And Lorenzo Martone Hang With Rachel Zoe In St. Barts [PHOTOS]

Skyler Berman
Rachel Zoe and family took the tot out for lunch.
Yesterday was all about staring at Lorenzo Martone and Marc Jacobs, who appear to be back together after splitting in May 2010.  The two beautiful specimens showed off their beach bodies while taking a walk in St. Barts, then met up with Rachel Zoe and her family for some down time together.

Martone took a particular liking to Skyler Berman, and doted on the little tot while Jacobs and Zoe looked on.  Martone looked SO adorable holding little Skyler, didn’t he?

Jacobs and Zoe, who have been friends for a long time, lounged and chatted with one another- he in his black skivvies and she in her brown-and-white print maxi dress.