Manhattan Litigator Dishes Celebrity Dirt

September 19th, 2005 // 4 Comments

You have to love it when insiders decide it’s time to expose how celebrities truly are. That’s just what Eddie Hayes, a Manhattan litigator has done in his memoir, “Mouthpiece: A Life in – and Sometimes Just Outside – the Law.” Things we learn in the book:

  • Andy Warhol loved wooden toilet seats.
  • Lizzie Grubman is “a loudmouth who hangs out at late-night clubs with rappers and drinkers.” He touched on why people were out to sue the Grubman’s after her “car” incident. “They are coming after you because [Lizzie] ran down the whole [bleeping] neighborhood.”
  • Jennifer Lopez constantly works it, even when she’s in jail.
  • On Anna Wintour – “She’s a good mother – though she is physically incompetent,” he writes. “It was ridiculous to see her try to pick up her kids or give them ice cream or something. She just can’t – she doesn’t drive, and she can’t cook.”

Dishin’ Dirt On Lizzie And J.Lo [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Johnny Chicago

    Maybe the reason why Warhol loved wooden seats was because he was GAY… and like the paddle???


    And that J.LO? The only reason she wasn’t handled with kid gloves like all the rich white sluts – I mean society women – busted in Manhattan every WEEKEND is beaucse she was fucking a ‘gorilla’ at the time.


    I don’t hate, I create – thought.

  2. The Real Ian !

    wow that kizzie brubman story was really vaugue.
    ok please elaborate on the quote “she ran down the whole frickin neighborhood” ?
    i mean why even post it if it has no real story ?
    And on the j-lo thing of course she was working it in jail,same thing as when girls cry at traffics stops by the cops , they use there sexuality and helplessness to get out of it
    so she works her ass a little and prolly got alot more sympthay and help than if she was the true bitch she is …….

  3. The Real Ian !

    oops i meant lizzie grubman in the above post .

  4. Ruby


    I’m suprised that as someone who reads at least one gossip blog you aren’t familiar with Lizzie Grubman’s history. A few years ago she ran down a whole lotta people with her SUV. I think she was drunk or something. I can’t remember exactly, but it’s what made her famous to the American Public at large.

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