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May 24th, 2007 // 3 Comments

How about a chance to win $200 in Bliss Beauty Products from Mandy Moore? You have from today through June 7, 2007 to enter. All you have to do is fill out the registration form here.

Here is what the prize pack includes: $200 in Bliss beauty products, subscription to ELLE Magazine, Mandy Moore prize pack (Wild Hope album, t-shirt, poster, Gardenia candle)

Check out the cute cover of Mandy Moore’s new album, “Wild Hope” after the jump.

By Jessica Marx

  1. As a designer who cares very deeply about typography, I’ve got to say that I ABHOR that typeface! Death to the typographer who designed Braggadocio (and to the graphic designer who chose to use it)! I would have gone with something ultimately readable, but still (and in fact even more) evocative of the era they seem to be trying to portray, like a nicely-kerned Hoefler text, or Relay, designed by Cyrus Highsmith.

    I’m a lot of fun at parties!

  2. maureen

    But, Lester, it looks to me like they were going for a mid- to – late 60s thing, and isn’t Braggadocio the font used on the Doors’ eponymous album? Anyway, let’s party!

    The “prize”: nice gesture, but $200 at Bliss is like two lotions and a lip quencher. I know, I know–sign me, “Ingrate”

  3. No it’s not, The Doors were written in all lowercase with the dividing lines in the “o”s opposing each other diagonally, and overall the lettering was much more readable. Look at the N in Braggadocio. How is that even an N? It could just as easily be an S!

    Good argument, though. I still hate the typeface and disagree with its use, but you make a point.

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