Mandy Moore Does “I Am Mandy Moore”

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The pop star/actress who seems to be very sweet and have a penchant for dating losers is revealing bits and pieces of her life to fans in an upcoming reality special, which airs tonight on Oxygen. The one-hour special chronicles Mandy’s work on her latest album, “Wild Hope” and her acting career.

“I think I was welcoming of the prospect [of doing the show] because I feel like I’m a pretty personable person and I love meeting people and I love getting the opportunity to be myself,” Moore told the Daily News.

And now there goes my idea for a reality series about me. I had simply planned to sit around and basically just act out everything that I thought Mandy would do on a daily basis. I had even come up with the title, “I Am Mandy Moore.” I had t-shirts made and everything.