Mandy Moore Cutting Up Zach Braff


Mandy Moore is still smarting from having to date Zach Braff, who despite his sensitive “Garden State” image, sounds like a real asshole. “Radar” did a piece about him recently describing how he drew up a list of actressess he intended to bang once “Garden State” got big and how he hits on girls in NYC bars (where he’s a pussyhound fixture) by commenting on their tits. Charming. Mandy was with this prick? Apparently so, because she wrote a song about his ass.

Artist and actress Mandy Moore is fighting back against the famous guys who took advantage of her. Music insiders told Page Six the song “Looking Forward to Looking Back” on her “Wild Hope” album is about her “toxic” ex-boyfriend, Zach Braff. “There are references to his Hollywood Hills home in the song,” said one tipster. “We all assume it was about Zach, he was such a cheater.” Moore debuts her album at a private live performance at Stereo tonight. Reps for Braff did not return calls.

Good for her. Enough with the sweet, kick him in the balls! As for Braff, that “Radar” story also mentioned that he uses a plastic surgeon friend of his on the bar scene to line up women who are “nines and tens” for him so he can wow them with his celebrity so he can stick it in. And he hangs out in dogruns to meet women. Which is the oldest trick in the book. It’s like when I hang out at Barnes & Noble or Home(o) Depot to meet men. You didn’t know that? Yeah – hotbeds of gay.