Mandy Moore Vacations Alone

Here’s Mandy Moore looking like she just stole a baby in a Lifetime movie and pulled over for refreshments. Seriously, she managed to grab the baby, the diaper bag, and maybe one toy to occupy the kid with before she got it away from Valerie Bertinelli and Bruce Boxleitner. It’s to replace the baby she lost in the fire!

OK, sorry. Anyway, Mandy Moore appeared on some new website to talk about how she empowers herself as a woman. One of those ways is to vacation alone, which previously terrified her. I probably couldn’t do it. I mean, yeah it’s good for when you want to go and meet strangers for anonymous sex on a moonlit beach but you need someone to have Mimosas with the next morning. You don’t want to look like a loser at the resort bar!

Mandy says “The thought really scared me, but I wanted to push past that bruise and do it anyway.” She had an awesome time, and liked how she didn’t have to deal with anyone else’s opinions. She has a point. “No, let’s go on Space Mountain next! F*ck you!” As you can see, I go on some mature-ass vacations filled with exploration and wonder.


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