Mandy Moore and Her Trashmouth

Mandy Moore already seemed like a down to earth girl, but now she seems even more chill. She went on Tyra Banks’ terrible show and admitted that she has a mouth like a drunken sailor. Nothing is more attractive to me than a girl who knows her way around the “f-bomb”. You’d swear too if you had to date Chandler. You need to express yourself sometimes, and harsh language is occasionally the only way. Mandy’s already known for her self-deprecation, but now we know that she will tell you where to stick it, and how, and what time. I want her to tell me to eff off when I try to take the same cab as her.

“[Moore]’s like, ‘I curse like a sailor.’ And so, I was like, ‘F–k,’ and she was like, ‘S–t’ … we were like ‘bleep bleep bleep bleep!'” Banks told Extra in an interview airing Tuesday.

“I was like, ‘Wow, Mandy’ … Mandy Moore curses better than me!”

Yes, Tyra, some people can do things better than you. It’s true. Damn, Tyra is Tyra’s favorite subject. Just like J. Harvey is J. Harvey’s favorite subject. Ok, actually it’s Lisa Timmons. Then Joey Fatone. Then “Young & The Restless”. Then “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Then serial killers. Then snacks from Hostess. And then J. Harvey. So J. Harvey is J. Harvey’s seventh favorite subject. But he’s still not quite as annoying at Tyra. He’s up there, though. His forehead is roughly the same size as hers, but hers is way shinier and can reflect the moon and cause sailors to ground ships.