Man Vs. Zac Efron

Adorable fake-named danger-thwarter Bear Grylls has just finished filming the fifth season of Man Vs. Wild and unburdened himself to PopEater about his upcoming antics.

Apparently Zac Efron is so big a fan that he asked to be on an episode (a la Will Ferrell).  Okay.  Does he know that he isn’t allowed to bring lipgloss with him?  I guess that excludes me from the show as well, huh?

Forget about all that and look at these deliciously awkward pictures of Bear at random events.  Is it weird that I prefer him dirty?  Once clean and amongst the hoi polloi, he loses some of that gruff sexiness that I find so enticing (though not enticing enough to actually watch his show; do I really need to see anyone drink their own pee?).  Take a moment to discuss.