Man Stabbed At Home Of Nick Lachey’s Trainer

Last night a man was stabbed by a security guard at the home of celebrity personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson. From TMZ:

…the man who was stabbed was allegedly stalking Gunnar’s estranged wife, Janet Crown Peterson.

Sources say 23-year-old Nicholas Marino, the stabbing victim, was romantically involved with the 43-year-old Janet, after she separated from Gunnar. We’re told Janet ended the relationship but Marino would not accept it.

I’m a little confused by this story. If the guy was stalking Janet then why was he stabbed at the home of her husband with whom she is supposed to be separated from? Maybe I missed something. I would go back and read the article again but I don’t care enough.

I think it was done with the knife in the study by Col. Mustard.

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