Man Has Maddox Jolie-Pitt’s Face Tattooed On His Arm

February 7th, 2006 // 35 Comments

When trying to come up with words to desribe Andy Bowling, who has Maddox Jolie‘s face tattooed on his arm, I could only come up with a few words – sad, pathetic, and possibly crying for help.

The 42-year-old Texan man has had the face of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s adopted son Maddox tattooed on his arm.
Dallas resident ANDY BOWLING was looking for an image of ultimate fun and rebellion and chose a picture of cheeky young Maddox with his tongue out as his inspiration. Bowling tells America’s In Touch magazine, “This tattoo just reminds me to say that I really don’t care that much, and it’s not that big of a deal – You know, stick your tongue out and wear a Mohawk! “It was not a fan thing or a cult thing in any way. The image of him was just very inspiring to me.”

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Fugly Girl


  2. Danger

    Kinda weird but that’s some nice work

  3. doofus

    danger, you read my mind.

    although I’d go with something stronger than “weird”, I do agree that whoever did the inking did very nice work.

  4. Katie

    Yeah, but what’s his excuse for having Brad Pitt?

    A life needed here, I think.

  5. Dr. Tia

    This was obviously a man looking for attention.

  6. Brian

    Slow news day?

  7. papa

    what a hottie. id do him. :O

  8. meir

    Its better than having an image of Jessica Simpson with her mouth gaping open..

  9. K

    The tattoo kinda looks like the pic of Jessica with her mouth open……

  10. andy b

    maddox tattoo was done by mike tidwell ( and the tyler durden was done by kat von d (

    it’s funny- you people who come here and read this kinda stuff say *i* need a life. haha.

    i’ve only submitted this tattoo to one website- -in touch contacted me.

    and anyone running a gossip website is pretty much living in a glass house- careful who you call sad and pathetic, friend.

  11. Anna

    Well… I’m just glad I don’t have to wear the gossip sites I read on my body.

  12. andy b

    i was gonna say “your body’s probably not big enough” -but reconsidered. it’s 2006 amd people still get freaked by stuff they dont understand.

    i consented to have my tattoos photographed- i’ll shut up now and let you people continue freaking out about it.

  13. Anna

    Ha, dude I didn’t mean that in an offensive way, it wasn’t even intended directly at you. It was really just the first thought I had when I read your comment about blogs.
    You’ll notice that even some of those who don’t understand the content complimented the quality of the work.
    I understand the sentiment you expressed in the article. I also believe that people interpret art in many different, personal ways, and that’s why we have so many different types of art and music today. Besides, it’s your body, and it means something to you. Who really gives a crap what we or anyone else think about it?

  14. andy b

    Next week I’m getting Vince Vaughn and Jen Aniston.

  15. Anonymous

    andy b said:
    i was gonna say “your body’s probably not big enough” -but reconsidered.

    OH SNAP! What you know about them Texas boys?!

  16. jodroc

    How great that the person you are talking about commented. Is that a first?

    Good work. The tattoo is a perfect job.

    I predict Maddox will be the worst behaved Hollywood Kid ever. Bring it on. He will out-misbehave any spawn of any 60s and 70s rockers and actors that are running riot now. He may even beat Ashley Hamilton (hot and what is he doing) in terms of destructive behaviour. The spectacle will unfold as the world observes.

  17. LuxxLaRue

    well, they are nice tattoos, I’ll say that, but Andy B. dont come in here throwin stones when youre in the glass house with us. Be careful throwing around words like “sad” and “pathetic” for reading a gossip blog. Remember YOU submitted photos. Remember YOU came on this site. Oh, and remember, if we’re “sad and pathetic” for reading about celebrities, YOU tattoo’d them on your body.

  18. andy b

    haha – yo luxx, why dont you start at the TOP of this thread and then kindly stfu… that or go watch office space again.

  19. ToMmY-dAwn

    I love it!!! It’s more original than kanji and tribal! And the tattoos are so damn clean! Excellent work! I’d love 2 see what he gets next!

  20. Leah457

    I can’t believe how amused I am by all this. The tattoo is hilarious, and I mean that in a good way, who want’s a blah tattoo? Much better to have one that will get people talking, not bore them to sleep. And Props for responding to everybody, Andy B! Tyler Durdin is Seeexxxxyyy!

  21. Cassidy

    Hey just to say this from the start I am no gossip freak I got linked from I think my AIM homepage I say good job kool and original Idea

  22. Cassidy

    Hey just to say this from the start I am no gossip freak I got linked from I think my AIM homepage I say good job kool and original Idea

  23. Cassidy

    Sorry didnt think it went through was having comp troubles LOL

  24. i think its creepy who would tattoo a little kid on thier arm other than a freak, a stalker, or a weird child loveing guy (can you say m. jackson.)
    you can call me what you want andy B. but i still think you are alittle wierd.

  25. also my father was a child sexual abuse investigator for 7 years and then went back to working in a car. and not that my son is two i am so much more protective of my family then i ever have been i think you need to settle down and get a life

  26. DODODODO!!!!!!!!

  27. oo yea and are you gay cause i notice that you dont have any girl tattoos on you just young boys and men????

  28. p-rilla

    ive gotta say, ur tatttoos are pretty kick ass

  29. nunyabisnesboutmyname

    seems to me that the ppl postin on this page r just jelous bcuz they couldnt come up with an original idea and prolly have sum weak ass tats.props for goin for wat u want and not givin a fuck wat society thinks of u for it. everyone else:::its called bien a fuckin NON-CONFORMIST!!!!!stop “goin with the flow” and start thinkin for your self.conformist criticising basterds!!!

  30. Oh come on you close minded children. The art is amazing and the underlying intention is his business. If any of you kids understood art, let alone tattoos you would see it isn’t the image so much as the meaning. And he explained his meaning.
    It’s better than the pathetic work half of you would get. So just go shove dirty needles in your skin for you’r Kanji tattoos you THINK say “love”. Remember. Tattoo artist have the right to put anything on your skin once you sign the paperwork.

  31. By the way, Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow.

  32. sistasoja5

    When I first read the short blurb off the aol homepage link I was like WHAT. THE. &*#(! But after reading the explanation, I guess I see what andy b is talking about. At least with the Maddox tatoo. It does show a cute innocence and independence (well as much independence as can be shown through a three year old who pretty much has no control over how he looks yet). And maybe he just likes Bradd Pitt? I doubt I’ll ever have a celeb tatooed on me- not my cup of tea although ironically I think quotes from people, including famous ones if they’re good enough- are pretty cool. My only “problem” I guess is, what does Angelina think of the fact that her child’s picture is on someone she doesn’t know’s body (unless you do know the jolie family?). That could be scary to be a mother and know a stranger has done that, you know? So if you’re still around Andy b, I’d like you to answer that question- did you have to get any legal ok’s before you got the tat? Is there a chance you might be sued or taken to court (which, even if you may be the nicest guy in the world, would kind of be understandable, you know?)

    On another note, yes those tatoos, especially the one of Maddox are EXCELLENT. I know NOTHING about tatoo quality ratings so speaking as an outsider to the tat world, the Maddox one looks just like a real photograph- even the light and shadow is captured onto the tat, something that I’d think would be very hard to do. The artist deserves to have his name mentioned and I’m glad you did that!

  33. Haishao

    It’s truly amazing how many turns for the worst such a simple board can take. It’s almost like throwing a fish to a group of starved, berserk penguins.
    In simple, undiluted truth, Mr. Bowling’s tattoos are remarkable. They express not only the artistic talent of Mike Tidwell and Kat Von D, but the artistic characteristics of the people, themselves. It is also fairly evident that Mr. Bowling has a unique taste for art.
    It’s almost sad to see that nearly everything in gossip goes back to someone being gay, a pedophile or a stalker, but I suppose that’s just how we’ve been fueled; what was warned to us as children by our parents is made into jokes by the media and then taken as the highest offense in law, a cycle that dates back as far as media itself.
    To relay my original point, though, it was acctually a question: The people that took these pictures and wrote these articles, Mr. Bowling- Andy, were they respectful during their interaction with you, or was it always this way, taking your purposely vague article and casting you off to the side as a “Creepy Stalker?”

  34. andy b

    well… nice to see a little ‘adult’ perspective made it onto this blog- to answer the last poster; my tattoo was orignally featured in ‘in touch weekly’ (feb 13) and i was extrememly adament about the tone of the article. they were very respectful and did a great job. i’ll concede-ppl have the right to say whatever they want to say about ME (and be wrong), but if you say the tattoo is bad, you’re seriously exposing your own bias and ignorance. mike tidwell is an amazing tattoo artist and great friend. *tip o the hat to them that get it – thanks for the kind words.

  35. I’m just getting a kanji tattoo from this site I wanted to let you know about it. It’s just great… bye

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