‘Man Of Steel’ Star Henry Cavill Gets Swarmed By Autograph Seekers

Shirtless Henry Cavill!
The 'Man Of Steel' star goes shirtless on set.
Just a few more days until Man of Steel finally opens in theaters. Socialite Life cannot wait for this movie to open!

Actor Henry Cavill arrives at JFK to promote his new film Man of Steel as he is greeted by a mob of fans in New York, New York on June 9, 2013.

Henry then made his way to LAX, where he was swarmed by autograph hunters as he makes his way through the Los Angeles airport. (UPDATE: He landed in LA first and then headed to NYC.)

So how is Henry handling his rising fame? 

He told the Huffington Post:

Yeah, there’s definitely a difference. You know, people will stop me and ask for a photo. Going to Starbucks, I definitely feel that thing of “any minute now someone is going to say something” — then it will be photo bedlam. But it hasn’t quite hit with its full force yet, but it’s definitely changing.

Of course it’s nice to have a movie which everyone enjoys and loves — absolutely, because that’s the whole point. I love telling stories and if everyone loves the story, then I’ve done my job right and that’s a great feeling. But, at the same time, sometimes you don’t want to have someone put a picture of you on Facebook for the world to see — you’re not feeling great or you’ve got a cold or something or you just had a fight with your family and you’re in a bad mood. You know, just the normal stuff, which we generally take for granted. You know, if you’re in a bad mood walking down the street, people are like, “Oh, wow, he’s in a bad mood.” But if you’re in a bad mood and you’re in the public eye, then you’re almost not allowed to be in a bad mood.

Henry, you just have to learn how to smile through the bad mood, and all will be well.

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