Mama Latsis (Kourkoulos) Isn’t Too Happy

July 27th, 2005 // 3 Comments

It seems that Paris Latsis’ mother, Mariana Kourkoulos, wasn’t aware of Paris Hilton’s sex tape riddled past (which I find hard to believe). While Paris wasn’t well known in Greece prior to dating Paris Latsis, thanks to a Greek magazine, all of Greece can now see Paris at her dirtiest.

On July 12, a Greek magazine, appropriately titled Very Sorry, ran an article revealing a tale all too familiar to Hilton’s U.S. fans: When she was 19 she made her now infamous sex video with then boyfriend Rick Salomon. The magazine also ran 22 still shots from the video. A family source says that when her mother-in-law-to-be, billionairess Mariana Kourkoulos (Latsis is her maiden name), discovered Hilton’s sex-tape story, she hit the roof! “She was frankly disgusted and had to make her feelings known to her son.”

According to the source, Mariana — who is divorced from Paris’ dad, Gregory Kasidokostas, and is now married to Nikos Kourkoulos — placed a frantic call to her son’s cell phone, telling him that the family’s reputation was being dragged through the dirt by Paris. “She told him, ‘You are making us a laughing stock.’” The source adds that Mariana told her son that for the sake of the family’s honor, he must never marry Paris. “Get rid of her now!” the source claims she told her son.

We like Ms. Kourkoulos’ style. Straight to the point. Although, if Paris gets rid of Paris, this will only mean that she’ll be back on U.S. soil more often. Mr. Latsis, she’s all yours.

Paris Hilton’s Sex Video Hits Greece [Star Magazine]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cynthia

    Mama really didn’t know about the sex tape until now? I think even without the scandalous past, who, in their right frame of mind, would want their son marrying that illiterate skank?

  2. ~ J ~

    What a dumb story

  3. PaRis

    The cover-of that greek magazines says “The Orgies of Hilton” haha!

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