Mama Elsa Patton Is The Real Star Of ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ [VIDEO]

Joanna Krupa's Car Wash
'RHOM' star Joanna Krupa gets wet while washing car.
If you happened to miss the season premiere of The Real Housewives Of Miami this weekend, you missed one of the greatest moments on reality television ever.

In this week’s episode we were introduced to Mimi, Mama Elsa Patton’s loyal maid who serenaded Elsa after a stressful chat with Elsa’s daughter Marysol. Watch the clip above.

Bravo has launched Havana Elsa, the web series (watch the episode below), and the first episode is all about Havana Elsa Expresso Coffee. “I always wanted to leave something with my name,” Elsa says in her first webisode. “I want everybody to have breakfast with my special unique coffee.”

With her daughter, Marysol, creating the packaging with her picture, Elsa is happy about the coffee but gets straight to business and asks where the money is going. “How much do I get for every package that sells ?” She questions Marysol before saying she does not want to share. “I don’t want to divide with anybody at my old age.”

Check out a few other of Elsa’s greatest moments below.