Male Athletes Show Off Insanely Hilarious Diving Faces During The Olympic Games [PHOTOS]

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Just when we thought that Kate Middleton’s facial expressions were entertaining enough during the 2012 London Olympic Games, the men busted out their crazy faces during the 3m Springboard Diving Preliminary. Seen here, olympic divers show off their funny stuff on Day 10 of the Olympic Games at the Aquatics Centre on August 6th in London, England. There are a great deal of online jokes relating these poses to some bathroom grunts. Eew!

Apparently, China is kicking ass and taking names in diving. They have won five metals so far and are attempting to sweep the eight total diving events. According to Yahoo, this could be a repeat from four years ago in Beijing. It’s a pretty difficult task to achieve. One wrong move and a dude could be bumped from 1st place to 11th like Chinese athlete Qin Kai after his belly flop attempt at 4.5 somersault tuck. It looks so easy. I’ll bet anyone could do it. Not!

Olympians included in the photo set are Troy Dumais, Ilya Zakharov, Jack Laugher, Ethan Warren, Oleksiy Prygorov, Javier Ilana Garcia, Daniel Islas Arroyo, Alexandre Despatie, Qai Kin, Michele Benedetti, Ilya Zakhrov, Patrick Hausding, Illya Kavasha, Tommaso Rinaldi, Yahel Castillo Huerta, Chris Mears, and Ken Nee Yeoh.