Maksim Chmerkovskiy Indulges In A Day Of Pampering, Blames Falling Out With Kirstie Alley On Scientology

Maksim's Rumored Fling!
JLo is super hot! We can't blame Maksim for liking her!
Dancing with the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy is getting a little chatty about his relationship with ex-friend and former dancing partner Kirstie Alley.

Here’s Maks out and about yesterday as he stopped by Hammer & Nails in West Hollywood.  We guess all the drama with Kirstie has left him in need of a little R&R, so he decided to get a manicure.  Dancing with the Stars doesn’t return until September 15th, and Maks revealed he won’t be putting on his dancing shoes for Season 19.  

Maks appeared on the show with the actress in 2011 where the two formed a close bond.  But it seems like now Kirstie can’t be “associated” with the dancer due to some new friends he’s been making.  He spoke out about the “feud” on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday.

Apparently their relationship has “deteriorated” because Kirstie isn’t two crazy about Mak’s other “friends”.  In case you didn’t know Maks has been rumored to be dating Jennifer Lopez.  JLo is also bff’s with Leah Remini, who famously spoke out against Scientology after she left the “church”.  “She stopped getting along with me. We had a great relationship. But I got a message now that I am associating with other people that she can’t be associated with. I am no longer to be spoken with, and sorry, but it is what it is,” he said about his former bestie.

Hmm interesting.  Isn’t she a little old to be playing the “you can only be friends with me” game?  Maks confirmed our suspicion when he revealed the falling out could be due to Kirstie’s association with Scientology.  “I think the world of her, I’m not judging people by their religion. I’m Jewish. I don’t really believe in science fiction but whatever.”  I swear these Scientologists really are cray cray and totally brainwashed.

Maks only wishes the best for his former friend though saying that they’ve “gone through a lot together” and that he “still thinks the world of her.”  He wouldn’t however talk about his rumored fling with Jennifer.  Seems a little fishy if you ask me.  There totes is something going on with JLo, the Kirstie thing and his constant refusal to talk about her kind of confirms it in my eyes.

What did you think?  Is the Maks/Kirstie fall out due to his rumored JLo fling?  Sound off in the comments below!  Then launch the gallery to see Maks enjoying a day of pampering!