‘Make Me A Supermodel’ Is Chock Full Of Scary Drama

Sexual inappropriateness and fashion blunders reach a new climax in Season Two’s remaining episodes of Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel

Flirty Kerryn makes a hobby of manhandling Colin’s
penis to groom him for losing his carefully preserved V-Card.  “I hope
that by messing with his head it will better prepare him for
dealing with girls,” she says proudly.  Funny, I have a hunch it’ll do
make him petrified of them forever…

Meanwhile, CJ attempts
to swallow her pride and bare her right ass cheek in a risqué runway
ensemble.  “My entire ass is exposed,’ she complains to Sandhurst,
who reassures her that nudity is an inevitable part of modeling, so why
not start now?  I’m sure she felt much better after the inspiring pep

Luckily, CJ wasn’t the only one looking like a freak -
every contestant had the privelige of being attacked with body paint,
black lipstick, and mohawk-friendly hairspray which resulted in a
drag-meets-goth style so well done that Laury looked like, according to Gabriel, “the nightmare he had when he was 5.”

one thing noticeably absent from all the upcoming episodes seems to be
any sort of catfight, but at least there is one surprise: a guest
appearance by one of fashion’s most beloved male models.  I’m crossing
my fingers they mean David Beckham

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