SNEAK PEEK – ‘Make Me a Supermodel’ Reunion

You gotta love TV reunion specials. This is, sadly, not quite as trash-tastic as Flavor of Love (and/or its various spin-offs) and the smack-talking leaves something to be desired. The high point is someone accusing another supermodel wannabe of being “manipulative” and evoking a “oh no he didn’t!” reaction from the rest of the crew. Can someone please page Pumpkin, New York and Mr. Wise? It’s way too genteel up in this bitch.

Except for the exclamation of “WHORE!” evoked from one of the male contestants, who finds out from his girlfriend on the phone that a story about her cheating on him was “a huge story” that was “blown up in the media,” it’s all pretty tame.

Much like the contestants themselves, this preview is quite low in fat, so although it might not be all that filling, at least it won’t make you fat.