Should Tyra Banks Be Worried?

January 4th, 2008 // 9 Comments

We’ve got another reality show about modeling on our hands. Bravo’s “Make Me A Supermodel” premieres on January 10. Hosts Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor (remember her?) will judged which one out of a group of male and female models will be elevated to the status of actual “supermodel”. Does Janice Dickinson know about this? That ho is always crowing that she was the original supermodel. Shouldn’t she decide? Tyson and Niki are stressing that this show is a little more realistic than Ty Ty’s “America’s Next Top Model”, and that there won’t be any wacky challenges. Most of the challenges are in a “real work environment,” says Beckford. The show is structured like “American Idol”, wherein America chooses who stays and goes. When asked which judges they would be compared to from “Idol”, Tyson responded that he’s “the Simon” and Niki is “sweeter”. “I’m Paula!” she exclaims. You’re gonna be in a K-hole at the judging table and batting imaginary bugs off your arms, telling everyone what a gift you are? I’m watching this show, then. Oh, and in response to our headline, the answer is a resounding “no”.

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By J. Harvey

  1. PinkWeenie

    I watched the ‘Introduce The Models’ episode the other night. This Nicki chick ain’t no Tyra… and that sissy boy Tyson ain’t no Nigel (but he is awfully close to being a J. Alexander).

    I’ll watch it – so long as it does not conflict with Rock Of Love 2 – because I watch crap like this all the time.

  2. Tyra is a strong woman, she should have nothing to worry about. Speaking of new shows, I am pretty excited for my new upcoming show!

    Everyone should check it out!

  3. Minxx

    I’ll watch it just to see Tyson. Mmmmmmmmyummmmm.

  4. greeneyes

    hahaha, k-hole!!! Paula is in a permanent k-hole!!

  5. greeneyes

    hahaha, k-hole!!! Paula is in a permanent k-hole!!

  6. Lysette

    Wasn’t Tyson just on ANTM as a Judge and leader of a challenge?

    Whatever. It’s all trash. Tyra’s show is fixed and this one sounds like a big bite off two shows. I’ll pass.

  7. Your Mama

    Why is it that every slag who’s walked a runway is a ‘supermodel’ these days? I thought people had to have heard of you to be called a supermodel. Winning some shitty reality show does not make one instantly into a supermodel.

  8. Tyra should visit if she is worried about this In fact the site is so perfect for all these celebs with their hang ups.

  9. Joe

    Tyra is worried no one will ever know Bree Olson (so sad).

    She is the world’s next supermodel.

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