Make This Stop! Too Many Hashtags

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THE OFFENSE: In the not so distant past, the internet discovered hashtags. Innocent little words that when put after a pound sign could create magical things. You could search whole websites and look at food with this little hashtag. But one day, the world got greedy and overused these hashtags. And now it needs to stop.

WHY THIS IS SO WRONG: Listen, hashtags are great, when you use no more than 5. In fact, 5 is also kind of pushing it. But putting more than 40 hashtags on just one picture of grilled cheese isn’t just stupid, it’s insane. No one can take you seriously! 

Now how about we all stop with the insane amount of hashtags. Too many hashtags isn’t going to make me want to like your picture or follow you on Twitter and Instagram, it’s going to make me scroll past you even faster because no one need to have that many hashtags. So let’s make a pact to never use more than 5 hashtags. I’m in, are you? #pleasebeinbecauseIcannotdealwiththisanymore Side note: what’s up with hashtags on Facebook? Why is that a thing?