Make This Stop! Peplum

Make The Skrillex Hair Stop
We're sick of seeing this hair trend.
THE OFFENSE: We’re just saying what everyone else is thinking–we are done with peplum. As you can see from the photos above, peplum is the ridiculous trend of having a tiny skirt over a shirt, skirt or dress and it has clearly outstayed its welcome.

WHY THIS IS SO WRONG: Unless you’re Charlize Theron, Emma Watson or Victoria Beckham, the trend is pretty difficult to pull off. More often than not, it just makes a person’s middle look too big or it doesn’t pair well with other clothing. Like, if someone is wearing a peplum top, then they’re gonna wear super skinny jeans and I’m sorry to say, but not everyone can pull those off. 

IN CONCLUSION: Peplum needs to end. Seriously, the whole idea of a tiny skirt is annoying. If you’re gonna wear a skirt, just wear a skirt! Plus, people insist on wearing it in just the most awful patterns. If you HAVE to do it–and we wish you wouldn’t–please don’t wear it in floral. Go for something more monochromatic. But really, just don’t do it at all.

Alright folks, what do you think of the peplum trend? Are you as sick of it as we are or are you still enjoying the look? Sound off in the comments!