‘Magic Mike’ Poster Revealed As Channing Tatum & Matthew McConaughey Do Some Q&A [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Channing Tatum, along with Magic Mike co-star Matthew McConaughey and producer/screenwriter Reid Carolin, took to the Universal CityWalk stage in L.A. to debut an exclusive clip and chat about their stripper flick, out June 29.

“He pitched me the story, and 10 minutes into it, I was on my knees in my house laughing,” McConaughey recalled. “And I said, ‘Tell me, any words of advice?’ And he said, ‘This guy, Dallas, he’s connected to the UFOs in space.’ And then I said, ‘Anything else?’ And he said, ‘You really can’t go wrong.’ And I said, ‘I’m in.’ “

And that’s when the real work began. Tatum took McConaughey to a male revue in New Orleans so he could get a glimpse into that world. “He loved it,” Tatum recalled with a grin.

In fact, according to Tatum, none of the men seemed too worried about dropping trou. “The first day of rehearsals, I looked at the guys and we went through our stuff, and I was like, ‘All right. It’s time to get naked, boys.’ And it was hilarious that none of them really balked.” 

Channing Tatum, along with co-stars Matt Bomer and Alex Pettyfer, get their groove on to “It’s Raining Men” in a brand-new, exclusive clip from Magic Mike” which we premiered Thursday night (May 31) as part of Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week. Check it out…