Madonna’s Vodka Wash

July 31st, 2006 // 5 Comments

Miu, if you’re reading this – don’t. Madonna reportedly demanded a bottle of vodka prior to the opening night of her UK tour, to clean sweat stains from her costumes. Apparently, this is a secret that she learned from a friend who is an opera singer. That has got to be some cruel and unusual punishment for a perfectly good bottle of vodka. I hope it was Smirnoff and not Belvedere.

A show insider says, “Everyone was surprised when we were told it was to wash her clothes.

Apparently it’s sprayed over perspiration marks. The alcohol kills off bacteria and keeps the stage clothes fresher. It’s a trick they use in the opera because the big divas perspire such a lot on stage.”

Madonna’s Vodka Demands [PR Inside]

Written by Lauren Burch

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. devon

    that’s not a big deal at all. having worked on broadway in the past, most shows keep vodka in a spray bottle (usually something cheap like george) to us on clothes. it gets the smell out of hte clothes, without making it with something awful, like febreze

  2. Lisa

    Oh the humanity!!!!!

    What a waste of perfectly good spirits!!!!

  3. realitytvisntreal?

    duly noted…

  4. realitytvisntreal?

    duly noted…

  5. wg

    Yep. I worked on many a theatrical tour, & a spray bottle of vodka was a staple of most costumers I knew.

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