Madonna’s Test

I must say that Madonna has probably the most coordinated sling I have seen in quite some time. How is she spending her time since the accident? She’s testing out songs in British clubs to see which have the most positive reactions for placement on her forthcoming CD.

The Material Girl is using young dancers all over Europe as guinea pigs for her upcoming album, Confessions On A Dancefloor. Her co-producer, DJ Stuart Price, 28, has been playing the tracks – minus vocals – in his club sets. And he has been filming dancers’ reactions to show Madonna how her material is working.

The 47-year-old mum-of-two will watch the videos before deciding on the final track listing for the album. She has always prided herself on being at the cutting edge of dance music, although she is no longer a regular clubber.

Stuart said: “Whenever I was DJing, I’d take dub or instrumental versions out with me and test them at the club that night. “I had my camera with me and next day I’d tell Madonna, ‘This is what 1000 people in Liverpool look like dancing to our song’. “You can work on a song for 12 hours but I can guarantee you’ll know within just 10 seconds of putting it on at a club whether it works.”

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