Madonna’s New Kid Might Not Have Kept That Meeting With His Pop

April 23rd, 2007 // 7 Comments


Sources are saying that the reunion between Madonna’s adopted son David and his dads, Yohane Banda, might not have taken place last week in Malawi. There’s reports that Madonna called it off . Why not? She’s busy! HE PUT THE KID IN AN ORPHANAGE. It’s not like you gave the cashier a twenty and she gave you change back for a ten! That’s easy to get back!

A source at the orphanage tells PEOPLE that “[Banda] was told he would spend some time with his son,” but the meeting was canceled.

Banda, an onion and tomato farmer, left the border district of Mchinji early Saturday expecting to reunite with David. But it was not to be. “They had reached the town of Namitete when the executive director got a call from Madonna’s people telling her that the meeting had been called off,” said the source. “They were not given reasons.”

More details on the meeting that never happened are after the jump.

Although several British tabloids have reported that the father-and-son reunion took place Tuesday, orphanage sources say the peasant farmer had been waiting for the meeting. Madonna’s rep, Liz Rosenberg, says she did not know whether the reunion took place.

The reason was that she probably had to deal with her pissy husband, who’s been acting up lately. She had to go all “Dita” on him and smack his ass around with whip. I’m sure she shielded the kids’ eyes first. And seriously? Not a lot of sympathy – he put his kid in the Orphan Annie place! For all he knew, the Malawian version of Carol Burnett was going to be smacking his ass around!

By J. Harvey

  1. ahnonimuss

    Well seriously. Did it ever cross someone’s mind that he put the child in an orpahnage not as a first choice but as a last resort? That he placed his child in their care so he would eat on a more regular basis and have better housing. He did visit his son and kept in contact with him. He was trying to do better for his child. It’s so easy for us to judge because none of us live in the extreme poverty that these people do. I know people will get all over my ass for being too serious but ya know what – I’m tired of people knocking this desperate, poor man.

  2. rhiannon

    So don’t arrange a meeting with him if you have no plans to show up! Tell him that he no longer has rights to the kid and be done with it–don’t string him along. That sucks.

  3. Jahoobie!

    What ahnonimuss said. Seriously. That woman thinks she’s God. So she pays for the child’s life pretty much, that guy is his father and has a desire, not to mention an agreement with Madonna, that he can see his child, whom it’s reasonable to assume he placed in the orphanage because he couldn’t care for him himself. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t CARE.

  4. EraserFan

    Harvey is just jealous that Ernie has a little foreign boy and he doesn’t.

  5. LB

    In Malawi, it is not uncommon for families to put children in an orphanage temporarily when the mother dies either during child birth or early in the child’s life. The family (either the father or the extended family if the father is no longer alive) reclaims the child when he or she reaches about 4 years of age. Whether this particular father ever intended to reclaim his child—only he knows. But don’t judge him without understanding the situation and cultural norms in Malawi.

  6. DA

    How can you not judge someone who gave away their kid, then began complaining about it? The kid has such a better life, and a better chance at success… It’s not like Madonna said she would stay in Malawi and live next door…maybe in other countries they put up kids for adoption and then decide to take them back, but you shouldn’t let a foreigner adopt without making that perfectly clear. Maybe the people in Malawi should have explained that their adoption customs are different, and the parents expect contact with the kid even though they gave it up and someone else is providing for it, or at least make it clear that the father would be whining to the press every time he didn’t get what he wanted.

  7. Um he got married and got that women pregnant knowing he could not afford that one i feel no sympathy

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