Madonna’s Mean

January 18th, 2006 // 23 Comments

Does Madonna want to keep her daughter Lourdes from the glare of the spotlight? Yep. She reportedly banned her daughter from auditioning to be in the next ‘Harry Potter’ film.

The star stopped Lourdes, 9, from joining hundreds of other girls who tried out for the role of Luna Lovegood in new movie’Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’. Lourdes, who is also known as Lola, was said to be desperate to audition after film bosses issued an open call for a new star.

But sources say Madonna wants her daughter to wait until she is older to decide what she wants to do with her future. An insider is quoted in Britain’s Daily Star newspaper as saying: “Lola printed off all the information and showed it to her mum. She’s convinced she has the other-worldly qualities Warner Brothers are looking for. “But Madonna pointed out they’re looking for girls aged between 13 and 16, so she is much too young.”

Way to go and crush your daughter’s dreams. Some how I think Lourdes will recover nicely.

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Madonna bans Lourdes from Potter auditions [FemaleFirst]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lol

    good on you madge-her daughter is fanous enough as it is without extra attention it will bring if she decides to become a child star in her own right and end up like Lohan somehow i dont think Lourdes will hold it against her

  2. doofus

    mean? hardly. at least, not for THIS incident.

    I think she’s doing the kid a favor. how many f-ed up former child stars do we see who were pushed into it by their parents?

    Madge’s got the right idea. let her get a little older and decide if that’s what she really wants. in a couple of years, she might look back and say “what was I thinking? do I want to end up like that ho-bag Lohan?”

  3. Gigi

    Being a parent is hard… and it must be even harder when you have everyone judging the decisions you make with your children. I agree that Madge is doing her daughter a BIG favor in the long run.

  4. Jean Jeannie

    Good job Madge! You did the right thing. You don’t want your precious Lola joining the growing group of F-up young actors…washed up trash by the time they hit 19.

  5. tocutetoscoot

    She probably doesn’t want her kid to start stealing her thunder at such a young age. Quite a competitive old coot I hear.

  6. Anna

    can’t believe i’m going to say it…
    way to show some common sense, Madonna.

  7. Fugly Girl

    I agree that I think this was a good idea to keep her daughter from doing this, but I don’t think Madonna did it for the reasons most parents would. Madonna claims to be this strict parent who won’t let her children watch t.v., must have clean rooms or she throws their clothes away, etc. But I find it odd that she continues her hoochie behavior dropping f-bombs (saying the f-word) among other “adult” behavior I have heard her quoted as doing/saying in front of her children. You can’t pick and choose which parts of your own life you want to be an example in and expect your children to follow only the good examples. Maybe I’m just tough on my kid. *shrug*

  8. LuvChoo

    Considering she’s not old enough to audition, this is not really news. It’s trying to be, but it doesn’t really make it.

  9. janine

    But she has no problem dragging the kid around the red carpet? Something’s fishy.

  10. FunMe

    If Madonna thought she rebelled against her father when she was young, wait until Lourdes starts doing that.

    Madonna’s just a hypocrite. She was wild in her days and now pretends to be prim and proper. but when there’s money to be made $$$$, oh look everyone knows Britney, let me go kiss her in front of the world.
    Just like when she did the war song a few years back. When she saw what was happening to Dixie Chicks, Madonna backed out like a CHICKEN because she was afraid there woudl be no $$$.

    I used to like her. Now, she’s just a aneroxic old hypocrite!

  11. Madonna is simply waiting for her daughter’s porno debut. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

  12. Prentiss

    Madonna doesn’t want Lola to become an actress because the little girl will probably better at acting than Madge is. We couldn’t have that, now could we?

  13. Sarah

    She would not have been cast, Madonna’s daughter or not. Luna (the part she would have been auditioning for) is supposed to be 14/15, not 9, and Luna is a dirty blonde with blue eyes.

  14. Darl McRide

    Hey dont knock Madges anti-war credentials.
    Last summer at the Live 8 farce where we got to see all the rock stars give Bush and Blair a hummer, she was the only one who didnt listen to the old hags organizing this consumer lovefest who specifically told all those brave stars that there would be no criticizing Bush, Blair or their wars.

    Madge was defiant and proclaimed “Revolution” like an old time rock and roller.
    Sure, it wasnt attached to any thought, or a follow up but Im a sure all those poor south africans were proud that she was representing their hoods with the millions in diamonds she was wearing.

    Hey it wasnt much but not one of those F@^%&@% weasels who bitch about Iraq said one damned word out of place. Sure, Madge to trudgef out a cliche
    word with no real meaning but she still has more balls than any of those panty wasted Coldplay and other so called ‘peace loving’ musicians.

  15. ihatecelebs

    This is being mean? I’d call this the first responsible thing this whore has done in her entire life!

  16. Madonna is mean…are the headlines here. Don’t think so! I applaud this Diva for giving her daughter the gift of at least seven additional years of – more or less – a ‘normal’ childhood. Read: as normal as one can aspire to, when her mom is Madonna. Anybody who has followed Madonna’s career and read about her own upbringing can only surmise that this lady knows what she is doing and gains (at least) my utmost respect. The journalist(s) accusing the star of insensitivity and uncaring in the direction of Lourdes have it all backwards. Hats off to you Madonna…someday your daughter will thank you ten-fold for the greatest gift – the right to be a child. dpmck

  17. bonnie

    As a mom of six from Michigan. While Madonna was graduating an getting her start. My son was young wanting to be a model. We went to classes ,thank god we could not afford the fees it cost because their education an having a semi normal childhood was the more important. Kudos to you. Your kids will want to do lots or things. You have the means an the ability to help them have a healthy childhood and to make these decisions when it is time. I am watching my kids go through so many things because we didnt have those options.You have done what you did to make a life for you and your family and you have done well. I have a genius daughter who works very hard and a grandson who is my pride an joy an will have a long road. Health problems from a hard life but my kids have watched their mom and dad work hard for them and they know thats our job until its their turn. You stick to your guns kids get disappointed about being told no they get over it an know it was because they are loved she will get over it an love you more for it later. You go girl you are a good mom dont let anyone tell you different.

  18. Ldysunfyre

    If the daughter was too young, there was no point in her auditioning, period.

  19. Girly Girl

    Madonna is a media whore, people. She was on the cover of Ladies Home Journal… that right there is proof that she’d sell her soul to sell a CD.

    Second, she looks like a wax figure lately. Look at her face- she’s trying to bring back Studio 54 (which was some FUGLY shit the first time around- and I sure as hell am not doing it now). I think she’s gone Botox crazy.

    Finally, Bonnie, dear, mother of 6, Michigan resident- you are illiterate and need to avoid, at all costs, posting lengthy love letters to female celebrities who don’t give a piss about you. Trust me- Madonna isn’t trolling the internet looking for kind, albeit horribly grammatically incorrect, words of encouragement regarding her parenting…

  20. Chan Rasit

    Why is it mean to want to protect your child from that f*%#ed up business? No one should allow their kids to do that! Why are people always jumping on Madonna’s parenting skills? She may be crazy in some ways, but she seems like she has it figured out. Let’s hear it for structure & discipline.

  21. jenny

    It would not of been lolas first acting gig remember madona had her daughter on stage when she frenched britney lola got to pretend to be happy while madona acted like a whore (it one role madona excells at]

  22. Silasdog

    Girly Girl is right on target. Witch-faced Madonna is a media whore and a street whore as well. She is sickening. Dispose of her, please.

  23. EataCookie

    Madonna had no problem using her daughter at the VMAs when she kissed the Mouseketeers.

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