Madonna’s Kids At Play

October 24th, 2005 // 9 Comments

Lourdes’ daddy, Carlos Leon, is sure enjoying Madonna’s New York City publicity blitz. He gets to spend some quality time with his daughter, and soon to be little hellion (if you watched Madonna’s documentary, you’ll know what I mean) Rocco.

I have a feeling that Carlos feels that quality time with the kids, shouldn’t have to involve the paparazzi.

Madonna’s kids & the other side of parenthood [cityrag]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. JaneSays

    That man is still fine as hell.

  2. King Smart Ian

    Doesn’t he operate one of those halal falafel carts at 53rd and Madison? Scary looking hombre

  3. Cheesy

    Hey, lots of men wouldn’t bother to even see their kids when they’re not with the mother, much less take on half-siblings of said child. Good for Carlos for including Rocco.

  4. netty

    Including him? I dont think he has a choice. Madonna might crack her whip out otherwise….

  5. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Lourdes is Madonna’s mini-me! She’s her twin, only shorter!

  6. Silasdog

    King Smart, you made me laugh. However, this human cockaroach looks a fugitive from Riker’s Island. I doubt that a bottle of Liquid Plumber could cut the grease off this piece of human guano. And what a great role model he is for his kids, giving the finger in front of them. Wow, now that’s real class. Tell me there’s not a bench warrant with his name on it somewhere. Total garbage.

  7. ortem

    nice to look at but not much talent… or manners – he is not 22 to get away with giving paparazzi the finger

  8. sav

    Her daughter is pretty but already I want to get some tweezers at those catapillars on her forehead. She’s going to put a waxer’s child through college one day.


    Madonna’s children are special, just as she planned.

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