Madonna’s Got Pheasant Hunters in Her Sights

December 18th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Madonna’s found a new cause to champion–banning pheasant hunting on her property. From

MADONNA has banned pheasant shooting on her English country estate after being blasted by her close friend and staunch animal rights activist STELLA McCARTNEY. The fashion designer was appalled to find out Madonna and her husband GUY RITCHIE rent out the estate for shooting parties and had imported 3,000 baby pheasants especially for the occasion.

A source told British newspaper The Sun, “Ashcombe’s become a hunting factory and the Ritchies like playing rich landlords.

“Stella wasn’t pleased when she heard about them releasing pheasants and spoke to Madonna.

“She’s the reason Madonna is stopping shooting next year.”

This was a much more interesting story when I initially misread it as “peasant” shooting.

McCartney Blasts Madonna Over Pheasant Shooting. []

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. mw

    I would expect nothing less from that haggard old witch. I also wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this isn’t the reason she’s adopting hungry babies now- to populate her estate with game… or slaves.

  2. HelenSparkles

    Not sure how protected the animals were that made her fur coat??? Do we think it might just be a bit of a noisy nuisance Madge would prefer not to have on her estate.

  3. pilsbury

    STELLA McCARTNEY? why ban pheasant because of her?
    I would tell Stella to get stuffed.

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