Madonna’s ‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’

I myself happened to stumble upon “Confessions on a Dance Floor.” I won’t say how this occurred, but popbytes has a great review of the album, as does Towleroad.

As most people have mentioned, this is not an all-out disco album, but the remixes, I’m sure, will be fierce. That’s not to say that the CD isn’t dance track heavy. It’s a great mix of sophisticated beats and some amazing hooks. It’s probably her most cohesive work to date.

The lyrics on this CD don’t focus on the dance floor, they focus on empowerment and self-sufficency. My stand out tracks are the feel good “Get Together,” “Sorry” the most infectious track on the album, the “Papa Don’t Preach” inspired “Let It Will Be,” and the love me or hate me closer “Like It Or Not.” My least favorite track on the CD is the cheesy “I Love New York.” It’s just a bit too silly for me.

The album sounded better and stronger with each listen. She’s definitely made up for the missteps of “American Life.” Good recover Madge.

Madonna is not through with promoting this album. She headlined the European MTV Video Music Awards, that Arjan live blogged (plus he has photos from the show as well).

9:19pm: Madonna just opened the show with “Hung Up.” This is the first ever live performance of her song. A giant glitter ball rises up from the stage and opens up to reveal Madonna and her dancers. She is wearing a hot, hot, hot purple wonder woman-type outfit (minus the cape). Vocally a bit weak, Madonna dances her ass off in a routine that appears similar to the dance moves during Live8. Her Farah flip stays intact despite all the stage action (secret: lots of hairspray). Cute is the dance off between Madonna and Daniel “Cloud” Campos. Light work is purple, blue and green as in the Attitude photo session.

Here’s a link to the video of her performance.

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