Madonna’s ‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’

November 4th, 2005 // 13 Comments

I myself happened to stumble upon “Confessions on a Dance Floor.” I won’t say how this occurred, but popbytes has a great review of the album, as does Towleroad.

As most people have mentioned, this is not an all-out disco album, but the remixes, I’m sure, will be fierce. That’s not to say that the CD isn’t dance track heavy. It’s a great mix of sophisticated beats and some amazing hooks. It’s probably her most cohesive work to date.

The lyrics on this CD don’t focus on the dance floor, they focus on empowerment and self-sufficency. My stand out tracks are the feel good “Get Together,” “Sorry” the most infectious track on the album, the “Papa Don’t Preach” inspired “Let It Will Be,” and the love me or hate me closer “Like It Or Not.” My least favorite track on the CD is the cheesy “I Love New York.” It’s just a bit too silly for me.

The album sounded better and stronger with each listen. She’s definitely made up for the missteps of “American Life.” Good recover Madge.

Madonna is not through with promoting this album. She headlined the European MTV Video Music Awards, that Arjan live blogged (plus he has photos from the show as well).

9:19pm: Madonna just opened the show with “Hung Up.” This is the first ever live performance of her song. A giant glitter ball rises up from the stage and opens up to reveal Madonna and her dancers. She is wearing a hot, hot, hot purple wonder woman-type outfit (minus the cape). Vocally a bit weak, Madonna dances her ass off in a routine that appears similar to the dance moves during Live8. Her Farah flip stays intact despite all the stage action (secret: lots of hairspray). Cute is the dance off between Madonna and Daniel “Cloud” Campos. Light work is purple, blue and green as in the Attitude photo session.

Here’s a link to the video of her performance.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. GirlyGirl


    Jesus~ it was ugly 30 years ago and it is ugly now.

  2. freakinsweet

    God she is OLD. She is not aging good at all. That ass is fallin.

  3. Silasdog

    There she is again, old buzzard beak herself. She is a pathetic has-been who can’t figure out that it’s all over, finished, finito! Stick a fork in her well-drilled butt, she’s done. She emerged from a cesspool, produced musical sewage, and back to the dung heap she should go.

  4. EAB

    You all are f*cking blind. Give me 1 40 plus woman who looks as hot as that? Not to mention all of the press saying that Madonna was the highlight of the show. The crowd was nuts for her. And regarding she is finished? 275 million albums and the top selling female artist dont speak for nothing. Confessions is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the fall.

  5. Rachel

    the video was really good. the dancing was great. only thing i really can’t bear to see are her thighs. they just scream. but she’s a good dancer all the same.

  6. EAB

    haha thats italian women for you. Big thighs…

  7. Bay Girl

    She was Hot Hot Hot!! My boyfriend hates her and even his jaw dropped.

    As Robbie Williams said so eloquantly – “she makes us all look like amateurs”.

    Love or hate her – you have to admire her. She always gives good face. What a career. The undisputed Queen of Fuckin Everything

  8. LuvChoo

    A has been who still wants to be. Yo, Madonna, raise your family, write another book and stop with the material girl. It’s ovah, honey.


    maybe she will fall and break a hip soon and realize she should retire!

  10. the_lonestar_kid

    Personally I don’t think their is a limit as to when someone can stop being successful, may it be Madonna or any other typical person. I mean if you are gonna pound all your negativity on someone, please redirect yourself to George Bush (that goes to us americans), start with him for a change. Yes votes can make a difference for more important things like our country, apart from silly comments that will most likely not have any effect on Madonna’s life. She started off with the guts to be on top as an original, as a center for controversy, as a chameleon that has taken many changes. And up to date she’s still giving it all she can. It’s like oh please MFs what ambitions do you have in life? What big goals will you possibly reach? If so then good, if you choose to retire when you know u can cool, if you still feel like giving it your best afterwards then let’s hope you keep at it. I don’t think Madonna feels like giving it a rest, she can get that when she’s dead, or when she feels like it.

    On another note I do think that both positive and negative responds from society can make someone push themselves to not give it up easily…to keep everyone else’s fuel at full. Yes baby, keep those comments rolling :)

  11. Dennis Umana

    i agree with EAB dude shes still hot and her video is sofa king awesome she looks good!

  12. jono

    i think that if she wants to sing songs that are instant hits then good for her!! shes 48 hot and she knows it and so do you.

    keep on going madonna

  13. melanie

    i’m not a big fan of madonna, she looks great, have a great life making money in what she likes to do … but personnaly i prefer her dancer Daniel Cloud Campos … who looks verrrryyyy hottt !!!!!!!!! :P

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