Madonna Injures Her Leg, Doesn’t Let It Stop Her From Working Out

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Do you know why Madonna is Madonna?

Because even after injuring herself on a skiing trip and having to use crutches, the singer is still out and about and working out. The Material Girl was spotted in New York City today putting those crutches she’s got to good use.

I’d say she’s putting that red bandana to less good use, but then who am I to judge? Now, back to Madonna working out. Did you see the photo she posted on Instagram

Listen, you can’t even get me to work out when I’m not injured, but Madonna is so in love with her routines, that she’s creating new ones with the help of her crutches.

She posted the above photo to Instagram with caption, “Inventing a new workout on crutches! Waking up new Neuro transmitters is always fun! #nothingcanstopme”

You heard her guys, nothing can stop her. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Madonna’s crutch/bandana duo. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a broken nail to fix before I can go on the elliptical.