Madonna Win Ruling, Allowed To Adopt Mercy James

Madonna’s keeping her baby! Pop star Madonna has legally won the right to adopt a daughter from Malawi.

Madonna said in a statement through her spokesperson Friday, “I am extremely grateful for the Supreme Court’s ruling on my application to adopt Mercy James. I am ecstatic … My family and I look forward to sharing our lives with her.”

Preparations are already underway to bring Chifundo “Mercy” James, 3, to America private jet, after the singer stayed up throughout the night hoping for a courtroom victory.

“It’s the early hours in New York now but my client has been awake all night waiting for this,” Madonna’s Malawi lawyer, Alan Chinula, told People. The attorney spoke to his client as soon as the ruling was made official, at around 2 a.m. her time Friday. “She was ecstatic when I broke the news to her. She said, ‘Thank heavens.’ ”

Lesson to be learned. Madonna will get anything she wants.