Madonna Takes David and Mercy Back To Malawi

March 29th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Don’t worry, it’s not for a refund.

The children that Madonna adopted from Malawi were with at Heathrow airport today, though The Sun just posted a story that the group would be traveling to Malawi next Monday.

A source also told the paper that the queen of pop is planning a lunch for the children to “proudly show off their dance skills and meet their relatives.”

Madonna adopted both four-year-olds at separate times from a Malawi orphanage, while living relatives existed. When Madonna brought David back in October of last year his father, Yohane Banda, spoke out that he had not been contacted even though there was an agreement that he would be allowed to stay close to his son. Madonna  brought David back to meet his father when she returned later hoping to adopt Mercy. Mercy’s family had expressed reservations when Madonna wanted to adopt her.

If anyone can handle a tense situation it’s Madonna.

Mercy is certainly friendly as she waves to the paparazzi inside and outside the airport. I love her cute little trench coat. Jesus Luz joined them and is expected to “lay bricks to mark the start of building of her girls’ academy” on the trip. Also joining them are two giant carts of luggage. Did I say carts? I meant…boatloads.

By Madison Ventura

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