Madonna Still Kind of Pissing Off The Church

A concert special of Madonna’s set to air on NBC next month is not going to show the part of her performance in which she hangs from a mirrored cross wearing a crown of thorns. I rather like the way that sounds like it would look–like Disco Jesus. “Crucifiction never looked this good, y’all–or shiny!”

Anywho, Yahoo! News reports:

Several religious groups in the United States told NBC they would organize a boycott of one of the concert’s commercial sponsors if the cross scene appeared, and were meeting next week to decide which company to target. NBC didn’t explain its decision, with a spokeswoman saying the network doesn’t discuss how its editorial decisions are made. NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly ducked out of an industry function in Los Angeles Thursday before reporters could reach him.

It’s kind of nice to know that Madonna can still exhibit behavior that some find inappropriate, although personally, I find that fake British accent to be the most offensive act of hers to date.

Written by Lisa Timmons

(Ooops with the of.)

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