Madonna Still Knows How To Stir It Up

March 16th, 2006 // 14 Comments

Why aren’t your children having $500 facials? Madonna‘s kids are. Well they only receive facial if they pick up their rooms properly. I wonder if her kids give her the finger when she doesn’t let them have facials. They’d just be imitating Mommy.

It is the latest in a string of censored videos from Madonna; most recently, she actually chose to pull her video for “American Life” without being told by censors to do so, due to the implied anti-American sentiment. The video shown in its place was a boring re-cut, hastily edited together. And it’s a shame, because we’ve seen the original, and it’s her best video to date.

Now that she is a mom, Madonna only sees fit to raise controversy among other moms, which she succeeded in doing with the video for her latest single, “Sorry.” In the original cut of the video, now only viewable on producer Marco Puig’s website, there is a less-than-one-second scene of her flipping the camera a disdainful bird. In the final release, it is gone! Apparently the moms at MTV did not approve.

Let’s all remember she still is a mom, and apparently needs to prevent her children from attacking one another. That Rocco is a pistol.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Gawky

    So, if Lourdes gets facials, manicures, and wears make-up, why does she still have a unibrow? (Tome she’s too young for all that stuff, a nine year old wearing makeup alone is bad enough.)

  2. gawky

    oops – “to me”, not “tome”

  3. tia

    Lourdes has a unibrow lol !!! Never noticed it

  4. Small Fry

    Look kids, Mommy is flipping off the camera in a leotard! Can you imagine how embarassed they will be by all of this when they are teenagers? Maybe not, but if my mom were dancin around in a leotard with a bunch of strippers I’d hide my face in shame.

  5. Pepe

    Cute Children!!!!!!!!!

  6. margarita reyes retana Condesa!

    You can’t denied Lourdes(lola) spanish flare …she is got allure and its not because of her mommy her latin american roots …
    who’s that girl !
    segnorita mas fina
    Lourdes (la lola)

  7. Silasdog

    These photos are not complete until Madonna has an unfiltered Camel cigarette dangling from her lips. A Pall Mall ciggy would be even better. What a hag she is, a real hatchet face. She’a total joke.

  8. Cute Kid/Ugly Kid

    Lourdes is gorgeous! Wow. She will be stunning. And yes, her Latin roots have helped. She is very dark. That little boy though….big head and looks a little like an alien. Don’t find him cute at all.

    He and Apple Martin are ugly kids.

    Lourdes will give the Brangelina baby a run for its money.

    Will Smith’s kids are gorgeous too.

    Sarah Jessica Parker and Demi Moore have some ugly kids. SO does Reese Witherspoon.

    I am sorry people, I know it is shallow but I talk about ugly kids in my family too even if they are my nieces and nephews (just behind their backs though). I am mean, I know :) All in good fun.

  9. las

    By the time Lourdes is a teen, mumsie will still be prancing around in leotards, insisting that her face is all natural. I imagine the kid will pretend they’re not related.

  10. las

    By the time Lourdes is a teen, mumsie will still be prancing around in leotards, insisting that her face is all natural. I imagine her kids will, by then, be pretending that they don’t recognize Whatsername…

  11. BoutrosBoutrosGhali

    Lourdes looks JUST LIKE HER MOTHER’s photos of her when she was that age. BEAUTIFUL.

    How come we never see Lourdes’ father? Is he still a trainer? Is he married, does he have other kids, what is going on with him???

    Rocco is ADORABLE. He is a MINI GUY RITCHIE.

    I don’t care if these kids have to pick up their room there’s no way they’re not stinking spoiled.

  12. justMe

    lol! this just made my day!
    I love to hear how people spend piles of cash just like that! :)
    by the way- las , Madonna’s face IS all natural. she gets it photoshopped. like hell. but it is natural.

  13. Passport Junkie

    Small Fry – I find it hard to believe that ANYONE would be embarrassed if their mother was as successful as Ms Ciccone.

    Love her or hate her – it simply doesnt matter.

  14. Silasdog

    Passport, hold it, and with all due respect, the child’s mother is crotch-grabbing, semen-sucking whore who just happened to hit it big in the entertainment biz with the musical equivalent of cheese-wiz. I don’t think you belive that respect is just about the money. And $500.00 facials? What a phoney she is. She talks about love, peace & understanding, so why not give some of those $500.00 checks to some people who need it. Needy deserving people are not that hard to find, even for a bonehead like Madonna.

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