Madonna Quote Of The Day

October 18th, 2005 // 34 Comments

“Most priests are gay.”

“I refer to an entity called ‘The Beast’. I feel I am describing the world that we live in right now. To me ‘The Beast’ is the modern world that we live in.”

(Source: National Ledger)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ivonne

    madonna has fallen off her high horse…oh wait she really did…

  2. dottcomm1

    she’s had her 15 minutes. time’s out. GO AWAY!

  3. Laura Lord Belle

    Madonna, I love you but HELLO? You contribute to the Beast!!

    You are a carefully crafted pop singer!!

  4. Lunch Break

    She should stop torturing the world and just focus on torturing her 2 kids. GO AWAY!

  5. Girly Girl

    ‘The Beast’ is whoever feathered that hair of hers…

  6. Silasdog

    Madonna is a joke! There are few things more insipidly stupid than a moron like Madonna trying to make some kind of philosophical/poetic statement. What a joke she is. Washoe the chimp was more intellectual than this washed-up cheeze ball. Yeah, Madonna, tell us more, we need your insight so desperately – FLUSH.

  7. Gossip Guru

    I fucking hate her. She tries to act like this “proper” British woman, when in fact she is a girl from Queens!! She went from feeding the hens on her estate to wearing that hideous Micheal Jackson type jacket. She is trying to seem “hip” and “yound”. Well she should go fuck herself!!!

  8. Blindqueen

    One of my favorite krazy bitches seems more insane than usual. Menopause will kill ya.

  9. Chloe Girl

    Come now people. This is what is wrong with Americans (and yes I am one too)…this is quoting the National Ledger which is quoting Drudge Report…Drudge is notorious for taking parts of quotes out of context. Hate her all you want, but the fact is, don’t believe exactly everything you read.

    And p.s. she’s not from Queens, she’s from Michigan.

  10. Gossip Guru

    Thank you Chloe, I stand corrected!

  11. Boschka

    Jeebus H..she’s channeling hair from the 70′s


    my eyes…my eyes

    I never knew how hideous that style was when I wore it.

    Weeps in shame

  12. mimi

    the funny thing is, all of these celebs are part of the “beast”. They made all there money off of us “stupid” americans for buying into all thier cheesy alblums and so on….It makes me sick to hear things like this come out of peoples mouths.Oh, and her kids cant ever eat ice cream? She is so f#ckin lame

  13. Blazer Mary

    She is so 1992. Drink some Kabbalah water and go away.

  14. The Bunny

    It’s okay MADONNA. Mosts actresses and singers are hypocritical anti-capitalistic profiteering wanna-be homemaker Kabbalistic sluts.

    By the way, since the modern world is evil, I’m not going to propogate it by buying your CD.

  15. jake

    she kinda looks like hillary duff in this photo. a whole “hung up”/”wake up” connection? creepy. veneers rule.

  16. ThrillKill

    You know, Madonna, you could toss a pair of gold earrings and and a Dior dress on a garbage dump, but at the end of the day it’s still just a stinking hole. Sketch the parallels with your life.

  17. Marnie

    She’s starting to get “Dolly Parton” plastic surgery face. Must use the same Doctor. Does anyone else see that or am I losing it?

  18. Matty

    seriously, she needs to shut up, no one cares about her views…go pretend you actually wrote a children’s book, better yet, make a “Sex” book for seniors. Did her head just get twice as big as her body? That’s one ugly picture.

  19. J

    There are gallons of botox that have been pumped into Mrs. Richie. Yuck, she stil looks OLD.

  20. Kris

    I wish these singers would keep their opinions to themselves. Shut up and sing!

  21. Rio

    I hate that fucking bitch

  22. mutterhals

    Some one please drop kick this hag into the sun. She is a talentless bore, people only gave a fuck oh so many years ago b/c she was a galloping slut.

  23. whoCareswhatUthink

    And you all I dub worst of all, spending all day reading entertainment blogs and passing judgement. Hahah, I think she looks great, love her and every little thing that she says or does!

  24. dottcomm1

    we can pass judgement. we made these people. they’d be nothing without us buying their albums and going to their movies. most celebs forget that.

  25. Silasdog

    I commend you folks for your comments. You are all right on target with this piece of female garbage. She makes a career out of grabbing her crotch and now she’s a philosophizing guru! It doesn’t get much sickining than her.

  26. poopy

    her head is gigantic!

  27. AlongCameMary

    Madonna is just like the rest of these celebrities that don’t wanna get old. They don’t want to age. No wrinkles, no forehead expressions, only skin and bones. They all are starting to look alike.

    Instead of “Prozac Nation”, the world is turning into “Botox Nation”.

  28. smroxs

    You know, I’d like to still like Madonna but I just can’t. She needs to shut her piehole. Madonna, you don’t “know the way”. You’re not any more enlightened than the rest of us just because you boozed and sexed your way through most of the 90′s, then gave birth and started practicing Kabbalah. I still like some of your music though. So keep singing, but leave the public service annoucements to those who actually serve the public.

  29. Katie

    Is it me or is this flip-back 70s hairdo so 2 years ago? I can’t believe she’s so late with a trend. That look just went out and she’s sporting it like it’s “the latest thing!” Didn’t anyone tell her hairdresser?

    BTW I think it’s strange she won’t let her children watch TV, but all of us were watching her bumping and grinding everyday on TV in the 80s and 90s. Now who’s the prude?

  30. Nice wrinkles you have there Madonna. Oh wait! You don’t have any, you’re filled with Botox. Puhleaze, you are so part of the beast.
    And most priests are gay? Is that a study you did?

  31. TAK

    She ends sentences with prepositions when making statements to the media. I thought people began to speak proper after hopping the pond to the UK.

  32. Madonna

    Madonna is the queen of pop and music, the most famous singer ever! The new look is her 70′s disco look and it looks fantastic, unlike other artists who look the same every single time you see them Madonna changes and re-invents herself all the time and this is her new style and its amazing, you should listen to ‘Like it or not’ from her new album, she tells us all she is never ever gonna stop, and we all know it!

  33. madonna's #1 fan

    madonna was is and always will be a pop queen ok so instead of being jelous and nasty lets all be happy for her she is a hard working mother ok even if she is a pop star she has big responsabilities and on top of that has to deal with the media so lets give her a break cuz deep down inside shees no diffrent then uss and she is a very good person cuz not too long ago i read that shee wanted to be remembered as a good mother not a pop star or anything other well how cool is that i ove her for that i am 13 years old and writing this so all of u older people should be able to be nice think about it she is a human being and deserves to be respected

  34. madonna's #1 fan

    madonna didnt i repet did not get any plastic surgery accept in 2003 when she got a bit of botox injected in her lips but botox is a natural substence so it goes away after 3 to 4 months so for ur info she is all natural beauty so stop being jelous and hippocritical and go on with ur lives and let the queen of pop (madonna) go on with hers

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