Madonna Hauls Her Hungover Carcass to Jury Duty

February 26th, 2008 // 10 Comments

Madonna was in Los Angeles for the Oscars, throwing a ridiculous soiree at her manager’s home in Westside Hills Sunday night. Her bash attracted A-list celebs like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia del Rossi, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. Eva Mendes, who recently underwent rehab treatment at the Cirque Lodge in Utah, was also there, along with Owen Wilson, who tried to take his own life last year. Um, yeah, I hope someone was keeping a close watch on those two.

In any case, everyone reportedly had a blast, but the best part is that here Madonna was the very next day, reporting for jury duty a the Beverly Hills Courthouse. Ultimately, she was dismissed, but it’s still kind of awesome that she totally had to drog her well-toned ass out of bed early the next day.

Photos: Flynet Online

By Lisa Timmons

  1. dee

    Celebs: They’re just like us!

  2. DruNken LauRen

    execpt they have money, lots and lots of money

  3. 2 Old 4 This

    I hope she “drogged” her well toned ass to a colorist after she was dismissed from jury duty.

    Her hair is yellow

    and those roots!

    oh Madge – how the mighty have fallen

  4. Hey Cupcake

    I’m shocked that she’d drink Starbucks. Must have been made with sanctioned Kabbalah Water.

    Wait… new market idea…

  5. slob

    sweat pants to jury duty?

  6. insidescoop

    Um, why did she get dismissed? Maybe celebrities are not considered “peers” by the state and federal government, hmmm, interesting. I love America, equality for everyone!

  7. tina

    this woman is a bitch! her hair looks lokes loke sheep hair, wiht all her money, you would think she can look like a decent rich woman for once!

  8. tina

    oops had my fingers on the wrong keys – sorry about missspell

  9. ROTF!! You are too funny Hey Cupcake! I feel for her. Jury duty is a biatch, but more if you’ve been partying.

  10. Janine

    Celebrities are not ‘peers’ to everyday people, their live are completely unrealistic and indulgent compared to the normal person. Madonna seems very much like that, so it would make sense that she was dismissed.

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